Game World of Andromeda 2500

Game Design

Andromeda 2500 is an independently published science fiction role playing game with infinite adventure possibilities in an intriguing and intricate new futuristic game world. Unlike other Role Playing Games (RPGs), Andromeda 2500 is quick to learn, easy to play, and can set out in practically any direction. History is doomed to repeat itself and that holds true even in another galaxy. Many of the political and social issues of today exist in the 26th century, they are only magnified and more precarious. A cursory review of the highlights of the future will well prepare you for endless adventuring that is interesting, exciting, and unencumbered by complex rules. 

Within Andromeda 2500 you live through a fictitious character that you control throughout numerous gaming sequences (role playing). The Character Generation book explains all the aspects of the character and provides rules and guidelines to show you how to generate your own. As a Player, you directly control his or her thoughts and actions. In addition, you also keep track of your character’s mental and physical state of health through various numerical indicators. The Game Master describes the events going on around you and is the narrator that guides your adventures toward their hopefully successful conclusions.      

The Andromeda Galaxy

In the year 2500 life on Earth is believed to have been extinguished. It was discovered at the beginning of the 21st century that the star HR8210 was going to explode within a few hundred years. HR8210 was relatively close to Earth, only 150 light years away, and astronomers theorized that when it experienced a supernova the stellar debris from the explosion would reach Earth. That material and the devastating radiation accompanying it would destroy all life, not just on Earth, but throughout the entire solar system.

Late in the 22nd century, scientists discovered a means by which mankind could escape this fate and travel to the distant galaxy of Andromeda, 2,282,000 light years away. Near our solar system existed a natural phenomenon called a wormhole. A wormhole is a rip in the fabric of space that allows quick travel between two very distant points. By traveling through the wormhole the people of Earth were able to travel from the Milky Way to the distant galaxy of Andromeda. Upon reaching Andromeda in the mid‑23rd century, life was established on a planet in the Empyrean solar system very similar to Earth. This planet was called New Terra. Mankind then began the colonization of the new universe. With the science fiction role playing game of Andromeda 2500, this is your universe to explore!      

Local Space

Local Space is the name commonly used to refer to the immediate vicinity, on an astrophysical scale, of the United Terran Forces. At the heart of local space is the binary star system (A’Lan and Apollo) that contains the UTF homeworlds. The solar system formed around A’Lan is the K’Baln System, which contains Trillian and Fortaria, and the solar system formed around Apollo is the Empyrean System, which contains New Terra. Local Space also encompasses the Outer Colonies and some of the distant UTF outposts established to facilitate interstellar trade. Almost all UTF facilities have had some sort of military presence since the Stadarian war began. The total diameter of local space is about 15 light years and contains 5 stars besides A’Lan and Apollo.  

Apollo has four planets that orbit it: Prometheus, New Terra, Antaeus, and Poseidon. Prometheus is a small hot planet, not unlike Mercury, that has no atmosphere and is incapable of supporting life. New Terra is the new homeworld of the humans and the center of the UTF. Antaeus is an uninteresting gas giant similar in size to Saturn without the spectacular ring formations. Poseidon is s small planet with a thin atmosphere that is too far from Apollo to sustain any complex life forms. There are several UTF scientific colonies located on Poseidon performing ongoing research projects.  

Covert Assault Team

Your characters are members of an elite strike force known as the Covert Assault Team (CAT). Only the finest individuals in the UTF military and Planetary Guard that were believed to respond well to mutagens were approached discretely and invited to join the team. CAT operates in conjunction with, but independently of the military.    

After their training and mutagenic enhancement was complete they were ready to begin their on-going mission: to support UTF strategic goals and to protect society from numerous existing threats (not just the Stadarians). Despite this fact, in certain circumstances it will be necessary for the characters to blend back into civilian life. In between assignments CAT members are encouraged to build on their fake identities through finding casual employment and using public UTF services to enhance the credibility of their pseudonyms. The public as a whole is unaware of CAT’s existence, and maintaining that is one of the team’s top priorities. Your characters are the UTF’s greatest advantage in the war against the Stadarians, and one of its most useful tools for performing tasks that most military units are incapable of completing.    

Their special training and abilities give them a distinct mental and physical advantage. The Covert Assault Team is used in many different ways, from exploration to rescuing hostages. Since they are a small group of highly skilled and very powerful individuals they are called upon to complete a variety of difficult assignments. They are often used in touchy situations where overt military action would be counterproductive, to settle disturbances in UTF territory, to explore areas of uncharted space and, of course, to do anything they can to stop the Stadarians.     

Technology in 2500

The advanced technology of the year 2500 permeates all aspects of everyday life. It has evolved to the point where most citizens do not even consider the impact that technology has on them individually, but rather they accept it as integrated and essential for survival, like food and water. The advancements of the last 500 years are numerous and due to the war they continue to come at a blistering rate. The recent commercialization of hyperspace technology (speed faster than light) has allowed the UTF to begin a new expansion outside of Local Space. Androids and Robots are used extensively throughout UTF territory, although the issue of equal rights for sentient artificial beings has become a heavily debated topic. On a planetary scale, Matter/Anti-Matter Engines provide fast and efficient travel that puts no area out reach.    

Black Market   

The influence of the Black Market in the year 2500 is far reaching and their network of operatives is present throughout the UTF. There is not a city or outpost in the area of Local Space and even somewhat beyond that does not have a Black Market representative. The development of their organization over the past few decades has been remarkable and is entirely the result of the efforts of one man. He is the director of the Black Market, Rygor Visconti. Visconti is a very gifted individual who grew up in a wealthy family and had every advantage a young man could want or need. Rygor exercised every advantage to its fullest extent for personal gain, beginning with his graduation with honors from the UTF’s prestigious Interplanetary University. Armed with intelligence and charm he gradually built a network of loyal followers and eventually became, without question, the wealthiest and most powerful individual in the UTF. Unfortunately for the UTF, Visconti is a criminal in every sense of the word.    

The War with the Stadarians

The main focus of the UTF over the past 5 years, since the attempted Stadarian invasion, has been to develop strategic military advantages and protect is people. It was only through the combined efforts of the 5 races that the Stadarians were repelled and a great many lost their lives in the effort. The Stadarians retreated back to the planets that they had conquered on the other side of the Hyperion nebula to regroup and have been launching attacks of varying sizes ever since. The UTF was able to establish a forward command near the area designated Combat Zone Alpha. 

Currently, almost all battles are fought in this area in and around the two star systems contained within the zone. Thanks to the Nenius Pulsar and the Hyperion Nebula a relative narrow gap, on a galactic scale, exists that has allowed the UTF to make a stand and keep the fighting away from Local Space. The future of the war with the Stadarians is a significant unknown and the UTF has been preparing for every possibility. Their advanced technology has made up for their reduced numbers, based on best estimates, but that will not hold forever. This particular area of space is uniquely rich in inhabited planets and natural resources. Because they are so far from their homeworld, it is the kind of area that the Stadarians need to expand their forces in order to continue their conquest of the galaxy. Unfortunately, this means they will never leave    

Science Fiction Role Playing Game

Promotional Video from the 2004 Comic-Con detailing characteristics and attributes of the member races of the UTF that your characters can be.