Supplemental Game Material


The Combat book contains several Adventure suggestions as well as a Random Adventure Generator. However, to get familiar with the game mechanics and character attributes there is a First Adventure available for download. It comes in two parts and does a good job demonstrating how Andromeda 2500 can be played and how characters can be used in a classic RPG setting.

Character Data Sheets

The Character Data Sheet is 2-Sided, and although it does take some effort to complete it during Character Generation, it makes for very smooth game play because very little has to be looked up during live action. A Bionic Character requires a supplemental sheet to be completed. Additional racially-specific Character Sheets are also available for download, as well as the Excel versions to allow for editing/customization.

Probability Chart

One of the more unique features of Andromeda 2500's game mechanics is the use of the Probability Chart to determine outcomes. Character and Target Attribute levels are cross-referenced on the chart to determine a necessary 20-sided dice roll for success.

Used for Combat of various types, Attribute Feats, Resistance Rolls, and more.

Character Gen Quick Reference

This Quick Reference will allow players to make characters more rapidly and is a terrific supplement, especially if there are not extra copies of the Character Generation book available.

Combat Quick Reference

This is an invaluable tool during conflict and has most combat situations and related modifiers in one place, to keep the turn-based combat sequences moving. Nothing slows an RPG down like having to look things up in the middle of a fire fight.

GM Character Info Sheet

This quick reference sheet allows the Game Master to have a snapshot of every players major stats so they don't have to keep asking players over and over. In addition, it allows them to make success rolls without having to tip anyone off.

Character Sheets



Race Specific

Game Corrections

Download Correction File to see updates to Game Books and more.


Vast majority of the images and artwork for Andromeda 2500 was created by Charles Burggraf while he was a student at UC Santa Barbara in 2003-2004. 

Original concept art and supplemental images by James Earwicker.